50th Anniversary of Peppermint Trolley Company Recording ‘It’s a Lazy Summer Day’

June 21, 2017 in Happenings, Thoughts

Listen to ‘It’s a Lazy Summer Day’Lazy summer Day(2)

Wow, fifty years ago! Hard to believe. Looking back after all these years I can see how important this event – our recording ‘It’s a Lazy Summer Day’ – was in the trajectory of my life. This gentle tune with it’s flower child message was the first hint of what our little band of cohorts could achieve in the studio. It also got the record company excited about us and willing to cultivate the group’s potential.  On a personal level it came at just the right moment for I was truly lost.  Being able to commit to making music saved my life.

‘So, kick off your shoes a while/ It’s a day to make you smile.’

Three weeks later...

Three weeks later…