‘Silver Moment” – a poem by Danny Faragher

December 28, 2016 in In Ovid's Wake, Poetry

Silver Moment

Your soft brown eyes upon my eyessupernova
filling  me with enchantment
your smile like mellow moon glow
bathing me with delight

I sigh…

Come, let us flee into the naked night
past the rivers of darkness to nestle
in love’s warm pocket

to let lips whisper  yes…
yes… and yes.  to welcome the
sweet tingle of fingertips .
in our ears the swelling chorus
of our mingled souls – yearning,
reaching to lock in tight embrace

and then,
my love….

with the heat of a thousand stars
upon our bodies, time will bestow
a silver moment bursting forth
into a myriad of dreams


sensual stillness – a love poem

May 20, 2014 in In Ovid's Wake, Poetry, Uncategorized


This poem was inspired by the Song of Solomon, by the love poems of Roman poet, Ovid, and  by the verse of Walt Whitman –


sensual stillnesstwo lovers

come, my love, and sit beside me
we’ll  set to ‘pause’ the mad whirling dance
and let our universe collapse
into smaller and smaller concentric circles
’til it twines its loop around you and me

rest your head upon my shoulder
there to  breathe and sigh in the stillness
I’ll pull you even closer to me
to  luxuriate in your perfumed presence
and savor every heart beat’s throb

anxious fingers full of wanderlust may
yearn to explore new hidden worlds
yet… we will be still
though we burn with heightened desire within
yet… we will be still

there will be time, my love… time to
stroll through secret gardens paths
time to pause and taste the honeyed nectar
time for the crescendo and the swell,
the pitch and roll, the ache and release

and there will be time…

to bask in love’s warm afterglow
to lie beneath your  fallen tresses
sheltered in their canopied forest
and to gaze at your face above
as it beams in my night’s sky
mysterious and lovely as Artemes
and to thrill at the sound of your
soft, low murmur of pleasure