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On Mon. Jan 31st, 2011, Danny appeared Live on program "The Now Sound". The official podcast of the session has been released and is available here at

DJ and host Steve Stanley asked Danny about his musical roots and his experiences in becoming a recording artist, all while exploring many of the classic and contemporary sounds of Danny's music. From the first record he and brother Jimmy recorded at Impression Records in 1965 to some of his most recent work, the show covers a good cross-section of Danny's work.

The interview, originally scheduled to go for only an hour, spilled over into the next program and is almost an hour and a half in length. Featured, is a live performance from Danny with his ukulele playing his song "Fountain of Love".

Be sure to keep your ears open near the end of the interview for Danny's new recording, "Song in the Night", which he unveiled for the first time that evening, from his forthcoming album "Dancing with the Moment", due out this Summer.

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More information can also be found in the press release.

Special thanks to Steve Stanley.



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