‘The Devil and the Koch Brothers’ – a poem by Danny Faragher with artwork by Michael Cano

July 20, 2016 in Happenings, Of the World, Poetry, Thoughts

The Devil and the Koch Brothers

The Devil dined with the Brothers Koch.The Devil and the Koch Brothers
“Boys,” he said. “I like your style…
“You pull those strings behind a cloak
“And embrace the darkness with a smile.”

The Brothers drank the wine and dreamed
A dream of empires rich and vast.
And with their dinner guest they schemed
And gave a toast to oil and gas.

“The meal’s on me.” the Devil said.
“I’ll see you boys in the ‘by and by’.”
And there was scarcely a moment’s dread
Or thought of the camel and the needle’s eye


On the writing of this poem:

I composed this piece in 2011. At that time the Koch Brothers were still pretty much flying under the radar.
I was puzzled as to what motivated them. How much more does one need? I would think that with age a person
would grow more tolerant and philosophical.  After all you can’t take it with you. David and Charles Koch, however,  seem to have carried their  craving
for power and riches well into their final years. The Faustian scenario popped into my head.

I decided to write it as a rhyming ballad, using  the quick rhythm of say… Coleridge’s ‘Kublai Khan’.  The conversation is all on the Devil’s
part (the silver tongued gent). I enjoyed closing it out with a biblical reference.

On the artwork:

Michael and I have collaborated on a number of pieces. His visual illustration is always original and provocative.
I am particularly knocked out by the art here.  With just a few suggestions –  among them that I wanted the Devil to be attractive and
human- he took the ball and ran with it. The idea of the Kochs having hand puppet bodies is marvelous . Michael’s wife, Patsy Faragher (my sister)
provided the inspiration for the scorpion-tailed cornucopia and also shot the photo. I am proud to say this project has been a family affair.
May there be many more in the future.

Love and Harmony,
Danny Faragher

‘Dancing with the Moment’ gets Glowing Review in SomethingElse Magazine

January 20, 2016 in Events, Happenings

Rock critic, Beverly Paterson has written a rave review of ‘Dancing with the Moment’Danny New Year Shot 206
for SomethingElse Magazine. She writes:

Buckled tight with enterprising ideas and arrangements, Dancing With The Moment
witnesses to be a pitch-perfect potpourri of rhythm, tone and sound. Danny Faragher,

assisted by an assortment of family and friends, has created an album that bravely blends
poetic beauty with spontaneous rawness and experimental thrills. Enchanting and
electrifying,  ‘Dancing With The Moment’ is one of the greatest albums of the year,
or any year for that matter.

Beverly Paterson is a well respected  critic, and a marvelous wordsmith. We feel
thrilled and honored that she chose to review our work.


Back Tray Card for Dancing with the Moment - Danny Faragher

Back Tray Card for Dancing with the Moment – Danny Faragher

‘Dancing with the Moment’ gets Rave Review in Blitz Magazine

January 20, 2016 in Events, Happenings

‘Dancing with the Moment’ has received a glowing review from Michael McDowell Danny New Year Shot 239
in  Blitz – ‘the rock and roll magazine for thinking people’. He writes:

In Dancing With The Moment, Faragher has proven himself to be a
detail oriented disciple of his inspirations, and in turn has celebrated
genre diversity in a manner that relatively fe

others have done credibly.
Apparently (in the words of one of this album’s standout tracks),
‘A Dry Spell Ends’ and the return to form of a remarkably gifted pioneer has begun.

Blitz Magazine, which has been been in publication since 1975, has a deep catalog of
intelligently written rock reviews.  We are thrilled to have been included.
Thank-you, Michael, for helping to get the word out.


Front Album Cover of Dancing with the Moment - Danny Faragher

Front Album Cover of Dancing with the Moment – Danny Faragher


Elvis, a poem in honor of his birthday

January 8, 2016 in Happenings, Poetry, Reflections, Scrolling Back, Thoughts


lips in a snarl,
hips a-swiveling,Elvis3
Elvis leaped from the
black and white box and
into the nation’s living room,
bopping and shimmying
like a Mississippi catfish

and in his unassuming
backwoods way
this poor boy
ripped to shreds
that buttoned down,
zipped up facade that posed
as the American dream

to the stick up the ass-
jim crow- bomb obsessed-
are you now or have you
ever been…? world
he proclaimed –
‘let’s get real , real
gone fer a change’

and oh…
did we ever

Thanks, Elvis
Happy Birthday!

January 8, 2016