Black Phoebe – a poem by Danny Faragher

January 5, 2017 in Nature's Backyard, Poetry

black phoebeblackphoebe

the black phoebe sits on the wire
in the waning light of the afternoon,
its hooded head turning and nodding,
its sharp eyes surveying the yard below.

it is the hunting hour
when the light is best;
when winged insects take to the air
oblivious to the danger perched above.

a large moth flits under the patio eaves…
up and down and in and out
in seemingly aimless motion.

suddenly the phoebe swoops to strike
with a sound like fist on a paper sack
the catch is made
inches short of collision with the house
the bird executes a speedy turn,
and with meal in beak
circles back to its perch.

where the moth was but a second before
only a beige cloud of powder remains,
dissipating in the breeze,
dissolving into the air…


Hunter’s Moon Rising

October 19, 2016 in Happenings, Nature's Backyard, Poetry, Thoughts

hunter’s moon risinghuntersmoon3
breaking  through horizon’s seal
its luminescence partially blocked
by slashing power lines
and blunt fisted towers
but destined to ascend full and free
in the clear October sky
like a big, voluptuous scoop  of dreams



Danny Faragher

the dancer

June 8, 2016 in Happenings, Poetry, Reflections, Thoughts

2006_12-26__Long Hard Climb 134the dancer

out of breath and behind the beat,
pushing hard to make my way,
like a dancer looking at his feet
I often stumble through the day.

so unlike that ‘parallel me’ who
completes each task with style and verve,
and coolly knocks it out of the park
when life throws him a wicked curve.

but sometimes when I’m flat on my face,
feeling as though I can’t get through it,
the other guy turns to wave me on, saying
‘hey, man! c’mon, you can do it!’


Birthday Poem

May 15, 2016 in Happenings, Poetry, Reflections, Thoughts

Birthday Poem

Danny New Year Shot 206eyes open from a dream
Sunday morning
sleeping in.
a  lawnmower is humming

think I’ll stay put awhile
let my thoughts swirl
and meander where they will

I can hear the drumming
of tiny feet as squirrels
chase across the roof

today begins my
sixty-ninth year
(funny how the number
still evokes an
adolescent chuckle
or,  perhaps,
even a

oh god!
am I really that old?

a number is a
number is a
number. just an
arbitrary slice,
an artificial notch
on the wall

the world

through my second floor window
the sky hangs clear and blue
above the gabled rooftops

but peace is abruptly broken –
a crow flying from tree to
wire displaces and troubles

a pair of mourning doves.
his victory caw ricochtets
through the neighborhood

I laugh out loud

easy to forget
how good it feels
just to be alive

an urge compels me
to mark this moment.
to transform the
nonverbal into words
to turn water into wine

I close my eyes
and  slowly
let  the bucket
drop down
into  the

inspiration is a
touchy process. it
resists a needy mind

one must be coy,
feign indifference but be
ever at the ready…

ah, the payoff

suddenly, words begin
to flutter by like
butterflies on the wing

most of them will vanish down
the hole where my forgotten
passwords sleep

but I will  manage to
snatch a few

out of chaos
an image takes shape.

like  a torch lit pictograph
on a cavern wall
a poem begins to emerge

I must run down stairs
write it down
capture it,
nurture it
savor it

May 15, 2016

Photos by Charlotte Olivea McClain

‘Sanity’ – a poem by Danny Faragher with artwork by Michael Cano

April 20, 2016 in Coping, Happenings, Poetry, Thoughts


the shattered glass reflectsSanityPic
a thousand images

where lies reality?

the ordered world breaks down
into a random spray of neurons

matter over mind
free radical chaos

sanity is a dangling rope
reach out, grab it and
hold on for dear life

Sweet Persuasion – a poem by Danny Faragher, artwork by Michael Cano

April 15, 2016 in Happenings, Poetry, Reflections, Thoughts

Sweet Persuasion

sometimes on a sleepless nightelusive muse
the elusive muse appears before me
and with seductive charm implores me
in sweet persuasion I can’t fight

she reaches out to extend the touch
of fingertips beneath my chin
and gently lifts my gaze to hers
to command with whisper – ‘Write!’


Lady Death – a poem by Danny Faragher, artwork by Michael Cano

March 20, 2016 in Coping, Happenings, Poetry, Reflections, Thoughts, Uncategorized

lady death is always thereLady Death_pic
she rides in the shotgun seat
we are fellow travelers

though my gaze is fixed on the road
and our eyes have never met
her figure looms in my periphery

between us there is an awkward silence
how does one break the ice?
can’t chat about the weather with death
(man, talk about an elephant in the room)
the white lines are racing by
but with my companion
there is no closure
no shedding of light

sometimes, though,
out of nowhere
she purses her lips
and whistles a
haunting tune – the
melody strange,
but, oddly,


January 6, 2016 in Coping, Poetry, Reflections, Scrolling Back, Thoughts, Uncategorized


connection cut
but connection still felt
her presence is all around –
the strands of hair in an idle brush,
a smiling snapshot on the dresser top,
a note found stashed in a coat pocket

he roams from room to room
reaching out in vain, trying to
penetrate the empty space
she left behind
the walls mock him with the
echo of his own weeping

grief has no expiration date
it does not diminish or subside, but
flows like an underground stream,young mary fin
carving out new caverns of being
and flooding to the surface now and again
with a startling paroxysm of tears

but the sun rises and sets
life scrolls on
one copes,
learning to live with grief
just as one learns to tolerate
a pain in the joint or
to tune out a ringing in the ears



A Happy 2017 Wish to All from Danny

January 3, 2016 in Happenings, Poetry, Reflections, Thoughts

Danny New Year Shot 189



the new year

twisting through the turn-around
to soar into a brand new chorus
‘ah, take it again , boys!’
another twelve bars await invention

the groove beckons
the ivory keys entice
inviting all to jam with the
harmony of the spheres


Photos by Charlotte McClain

Danny New Year Shot 206