Danny Faragher in Concert for Music on a Warm Summer Night

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Danny Faragher, on his promotional tour of his latest Dancing with the Moment album (recently released on iTunes), will be performing at a one night Special Engagement with the Acoustic Music Series on July 18th at 8pm.

TMP-Shoot---Canyon-Hike-PR-065aDanny Faragher will be playing and singing songs from his albums, Dancing with the Moment, and Blue Little Corner, as well as other tunes from his storied career, and will be accompanied by a full band consisting of Tim Horrigan, Craig Copeland, Chris Blondal and Bryan Faragher. Together they will span the musical range from Jazz to Blues to Funk to West Coast Psychedelic.

Sharing the bill is Raspin Stuwart, performing Blues, Jazz, Acoustic Soul and Adult Contemporary.

The show will take place at the West Valley Music Center, 24424 Vanowen Street, West Hills, CA 91307. Tickets are available for $15 by reservation only. Call 818-992-4142.

Reservations can be made on line here: http://www.westvalleymusiccenter.com/acoustic-music-series.html








Danny Invades Australia – Live on Purple Haze!

May 27, 2015 in Events, Happenings

—Official Press Release—


On his continuing press tour to promote his new album, Dancing with the Moment, Danny Faragher will appear live on the Purple Haze radio show with host Nick Black, 88.3 Southern FM in Melbourne, Australia.

The interview will intertwine with music selections from past and present, as Danny presents songs from his long recording career, as well as new songs from Dancing with the Moment, which is out now off The Blue Print Sound label. The interview will air Wednesday at 8pm AEST. Back in the USA, that’s 6am EST, 3am PST.

For those that prefer not to wake up or stay up to hear the program at the early hours of the morning, the show will be in podcast form shortly after the original airing on the 88.3 Southern FM website. It also will be available on Dannyfaragher.com once it is available.

Danny is expected to share stories of his time in the music industry from the hay-day of the Sunset Strip to his more recent adventures, as well as talk about the many years spent on his recent album, Dancing with the Moment, which has already been called “one of the greatest albums of the year.”

Purple Haze has recently posted an archive of Danny’s past appearance on their show on their website.

Dancing with the Moment is currently available on iTunes.



The Faragher Brothers on The Steel Pier Show in 1976

April 18, 2013 in Happenings, Thoughts


— by Danny Faragher

In June of 1976, my brothers and I embarked on a tour of the Eastern Seaboard to promote our first album for ABC Records, The Faragher Brothers (aka The ‘Yellow’ Album). The LP had been three years in the preparation and making, and had required a lot of sacrifice and hard work. It was a labor of love, however, and we were proud of it.  A few weeks prior, we had turned heads with our performance at the Roxy opening for Rufus, and had made a TV appearance on Soul Train (the first white band to be featured). It  felt as if the wind was at our backs, and when we boarded the jet plane that summer night at LAX, we did so with excitement, eager to show that we were the real deal. We could write, we could sing,  and  we could play, and, Lord have mercy, we could do it all with soul.

In a just and perfect world the tour should have been the triumphant opening act of a long and successful  career, and this is what we hoped and believed it would be. Oh, but Murphy’s Law does not take kindly to such hubris, my children, and instead of our traveling show being the well-oiled machine we’d envisioned,  it more accurately resembled the misadventures of Spinal Tap (A case in point being the day the ABC promo men arrived in a stretch limo to take us to the record department of a prestigious Manhattan store to sign autographs. When we arrived, alas, to everyone’s chagrin, not a single copy of the LP could be found.). Most of the mishaps were beyond our control, caused by either incompetence and laziness on the part of promo men and agents, or by a proactive subversion by our management.

That being said, the band’s music was always spot on, always soulful, and performances proved to be an oasis  from the chaos that seemed to envelope us. For an hour or two each night, we could hit our mark, and focus our energy into the grooving vocal and instrumental lines that created a harmonious whole, becoming  a well-oiled machine  in a perfect world. Thank God for the music.

The video that has recently surfaced was taped while we were in Philadelphia. The footage is from a syndicated television program, The Steel Pier Show, hosted by local legend  Ed Hurst on WHVI Channel  6. Hurst, who still does a radio show at 85, had been doing the gig since the 1950s when it was broadcast from Atlantic City’s Steel Pier. His program was a precursor to  American Bandstand. The band, augmented by  sidemen, Mouse Johnson on drums, and Chuck Crews on guitar, performs Best Years of My Life. Enjoy!

Danny & Jimmy “The Faragher Brothers” Live WEBCAST Santa Barbara’s KCSB

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On Sunday, February 17, 2013, Danny and Jimmy Faragher will be appearing live on Santa Barbara’s KCSB Radio 91.9 FM on DJ Tibo “Tibonious Funk” Cuellar on the Cold Cuts program.

The brothers, who have played together in a variety of bands over the years, including The Peppermint Trolley Company, Bones and The Faragher Brothers, will be talking about everything from their musical history to their upcoming projects, telling stories and taking calls from listeners. Danny and Jimmy are also expected to give an acoustic performance, as well as play some of their classic tracks and a few cuts of their upcoming albums.

Danny_and_Jimmy_FaragherThere will be a Meet and Greet after the show ends where Danny and Jimmy will be signing autographs and answering questions, outside the radio station on the UCSB campus. Check the Facebook promotion page for up-to-the date information on the interview and the Meet and Great event.

Sunday, February 17th, listen to the live webcast or set your dial to 91.9 FM if you’re in the Santa Barbara area. Otherwise, check back in to this page at a later date as a podcast will be available.

WEBCAST: http://www.kcsb.org/
FM DIAL: KCSB 91.9 (Santa Barbara)
REQUEST LINE: 1-805-893-2424
Feel free to call in!

DJ Tibonious Funk Hosts “Cold Cuts” for breakfast Wednesday Mornings 6:00/8:00 AM.. KCSB 91.9 on your FM dial or on the world wide web @http://www.kcsb.org/ Pre 80’s R&B, Good Old Soul & Funk!



Special thanks to Tibo Cuellar.
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