Dancing with the Moment Kicks off with Event Packed Party!

February 20, 2015 in Events, Happenings

———Offcial Press Release——


Danny Faragher’s New Album “Dancing with the Moment’ Throws Event Packed Party to Kick off Launch

Legendary Singer and Producer Danny Faragher Celebrates His New Album with Exclusive Record Release Party, New Video and Limited Edition EDM Remix

Music business veteran and pioneer Danny Faragher, (The Peppermint Trolley Co., Bones, The Faragher Brothers) has announced the release date for his new album Dancing with the Moment, as well as a special event record release party complete with live performances and the album’s first video.

CD400_outThe album titled Dancing with the Moment has been in the making since Danny’s last album A Blue Little Corner nearly 10 years ago, and will be release on his new label, The Blue Print Sound onMarch 1st.  It’s an eclectic collection of works that represent the many facets of his varied career, ranging from sixties inspired psychedelic folk tunes to California beach sounds, lush ambient piano ballads, a jazz quintet, and electronic productions of soul and classic R&B grooves.

“It is the album that takes a whole life to write.” says Danny Faragher, “There is a track on the album I first wrote in high school, before the Beatles invaded America.”

Critical reviews so far have been nothing but positive. Beverly Paterson of Something Else Reviews called it “Enchanting and electrifying. Dancing with the Moment is one of the greatest albums of the year or any year for that matter.”

To commemorate the launch of the album, a record release party has been scheduled for March 1st at The Guitar Merchant Live Music Venue. Many members from Danny’s past musical projects will be in attendance, from The Peppermint Trolley Company, Bones and The Faragher Brothers, as well as a live performance by many of the original Faragher Brothers playing one of Danny’s songs off Dancing with the Moment.

In addition, the unveiling of the music video for the song Too Much Pressure, will also be a key feature of the event. The video reportedly took 6 months to produce and features the cinematography of Shervin Ahdout.

As a promotion for the event, a limited edition release of the dance version of “Too Much Pressure” will be given out to exclusive guests. The Too Much Pressure –Rebel Sole Pressurized Dance Mix was made exclusively for the event and produced by, EDM producer and DJ, Rebel Sole.

Radio Station KCSB DJ Tibo “Tibonious Funk” Cuellar will have a booth to hand out additional promotions as well, broadcasting a recording of the event on his following show “Cold Cuts”.


My New Album – ‘Dancing with the Moment’ – It’s a Wrap!

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Banner discussing the upcoming album for Danny Faragher - Dancing with the Moment by Danny Faragher

sometimes on a sleepless night
the elusive muse appears before me
and with seductive charm implores me
in sweet persuasion I can’t fight
she reaches out to extend the touch
of fingertips beneath my chin
and gently lifts my gaze to hers
to command with whisper – ‘Write’. 


The Moment

 It had been a productive session. Now we could sit back and enjoy the fruit of our labors. The track rolled… Suddenly over the studio speakers voices rang out with joyous urgency – “Dancing with the moment, and the moment sets me free.” Bryan, his hands on the soundboard,  turned to look over at me –


Danny laying down a track.

“I think we’re on to something!” he said.

My son is not given to throwing out  such statements lightly, so when  he speaks I pay attention.    I closed my eyes and let the music swirl around me. Indeed, we were ‘on to something’ – something singular, something real. After  a long process of writing, arranging, and recording, my tune, Song in the Night  had come together as I had envisioned. How often in life does that happen?   I felt as if I were flying.

This moment in the summer of 2010 infused energy into a project which had been on a slow burn for years. The song not only supplied the title to my album, it gave it shape and momentum.

Now, four years, and six songs further along,  Dancing with the Moment  is a wrap!  It’s been recorded, mixed, and mastered, and the cover art will be finished in time for a spring release this year. The album’s launch will also be accompanied by several video releases for some of the songs.  We are excited! It was a long time coming, but well worth the years of hard work. For me the album has been a labor of love.  It’s supplied  direction for my creativity, and given me the opportunity to work with Bryan. I will always cherish those hours spent  ‘Burning the lamp through the night’.

Because my career has been varied, and my pallet broad, I initially felt some reluctance at attempting to put my songs into a single package. After all, we live in an age where music is pigeon-holed and stamped with the narrowest of labels. An artist is expected  to describe their sound with one or two words. Rolling the idea over in my mind, I flashed back to 1967 when  I would listen  to underground FM radio. The DJ played it all, from hard rock to classical and everything in between – the Beatles, Joan Baez, Otis Redding, Brian Wilson, John Coltrane, Fred Neil, early Elvis, Bach, Satie.. .  It was a trip!  What a mix of sounds!  I decided I wanted to create something comparable to that experience, and vowed to heedlessly trespass across genre lines.

Chaucer, Keats, and Willie Dixon
Echo in this crazy brain
Emily, Robert, Walt and Hank
O lustrous star! O lonesome train!

Frederick, Miles, Brian, and John
Good vibrations intertwined
Words and music coalesce
To form the soundscape of my mind 



So if label we must, here’s a new moniker… Are you ready?  Call it Retro Eclectic, i.e. Music that is both rooted and experimental. It is music that embraces modern recording techniques like electronic sounds and drum loops, while maintaining focus on the heart and soul of the song. It also crosses generational lines – a result in part from the collaboration with my son, a fantastic sound engineer who has also been composing exciting electronic music for years.

The title – Dancing with the Moment – can be taken three different ways. First, it signifies embracing the here and now (For that’s all we really have).  Secondly,  it means trying to keep one’s balance as life hurls the unexpected upon you (Sound familiar?). Lastly, it’s about those salient moments in life – epiphanies, or just being acutely aware of being alive – that dance in the memory. Many of the tunes on this album are about such moments and have a cinematic sensibility to them. My goal has been to put the listener right there in the scene with me, whether it’s about a glorious summer day at the beach (Pacific Blue), or being deep in the blues amidst a smoky night as the Santa Ana winds howl (Devil Wind Blues).

Memories race through my mind
The good and the bad, the happy the sad
Streaming again in my mind
Life is a blink of an eye
No sooner begun when it’s over and done
All in the blink of an eye
As time rushes by

D.F. – (from  Song in the Night)

Over time the structure of the album has evolved into more than just a collection of tunes. It has taken shape as a whole piece. Each song unfolds to the next, as if on a journey that weaves through a day, or perhaps through a life. Throughout the creative process I have tried to stay honest, to keep it real.  No posing. No pretensions. Nothing has been forced to fit into a preconceived notion. Rather, it has evovled organically. With the goal in mind of creating something real, I feel I have given a little piece of myself with every song- in  the writing, arranging, singing and playing.

Bryan at the soundboard.

Bryan at the soundboard.

I believe those who are fans of the bands I was a part of – the Peppermint Trolley Company, Bones, the Faragher Brothers, and even the Mark V – will find something they really dig. something that speaks to them in Dancing with the Moment.. I’ve tried to carry on the lessons  I learned from years in the studio – Come up with a good song (catchy and soulful melody with intelligent lyrics),  create interesting arrangements (both instrumental and vocal), and feature solos that are concise and to the point.

The album will be available both as a CD copy, and as downloadable mp3. We will be offering free downloads of some of the tunes, so stay tuned.

For all those times when I’ve felt like a kid sitting at the back of the classroom  with my hand perpetually raised, waiting to be called, I can say  it is a sweet feeling to have siezed the moment  ‘...to dance ‘neath the sun.’


Danny Faragher

A list of artist friends who contributed their talents to the making of Dancing with the Moment (I will sing your praises in the coming days):

Bryan Faragher, Tim Horrigan, Chris Blondal, Craig Copeland, Jane Getz, Simeon Pillich, Bob Tucker, Bob Gother, Davey Faragher, Jimmy Faragher, Pammy Armstrong, Matt Tucciaroni, Pete McCrea, Donna Deussen, Karen Schnurr, Jody Mortara


Setting the Record Straight on the Peppermint Trolley Company

November 16, 2012 in Thoughts

I was recently on redtelephone.com, and was pleasantly surprised to discover an article on the Peppermint Trolley Co. Although I dug the spirit of the piece, and continue to be delighted at people’s interest in the music, I found that  it contained some misconceptions which I run into now and again. I thought I would take the time to respond, and share my first hand knowledge of what took place some forty plus years ago.

The following is my comment to article which you can find here:


This is Danny Faragher. I, along with my brother, Jimmy, was one of the founding members of the Peppermint Trolley Company. Hey, I’ve enjoyed reading the blog, and the comments, especially Cy’s “in-real-time, stream of consciousness” take on the album. It occurred to me, however, that I could add something to the discourse.

I’d first like to correct a couple of errors. The band was from Redlands, not Redding, CA, which is about 70 miles east of L.A. in the Inland Empire. The group evolved through a number of members and names from it’s early formation in 1961. Although Bob Cheevers, a friend of ours, was part of the replacement group after we walked away from our contract with Acta, he was never a member of the authentic band, which consisted of: Jimmy Faragher, bass, Danny Faragher, keyboards, and horns, Greg Tornquist, guitar, and Casey Cunningham, drums.

We came up with the name in the summer of 1966, when it was a bit more hip. This before “Good Vibrations”, before “Ruby Tuesday”, “Sgt. Peppers”, and the Strawberry Alarm Clock. The hippie movement was yet to go mainstream. In the summer of 1967, we moved to L.A. to pursue our recording career full time, moving into a rat infested house in Silver Lake. We didn’t have much to eat, we were broke, and didn’t have a TV to distract us. What we did have was a record contract, access to the studio, and time. Time to write, arrange, and rehearse. Which we did.

We were far from being bubblegumers, Our politics were left wing. We didn’t just talk the talk, either, we literally walked the walk, participating in many anti-war marches, getting in some scary situations, and witnessing police brutality first hand. We considered ourselves part of a rising counter culture, and got our news from the L.A. Free Press, an underground paper. The music reflects this. Our song “Fatal Fallacy” is anti-war, but recognizes the dark side of humanity with its embrace of jingoism, a warrior culture, and the cynical part organized religion serves in propagandizing. “Free” is about racial inequality. “Reflections” deals with the inevitability of death.

Our record company, Acta, whose president, Kenny Meyers, was an old school record man, was geared around the 45 single. We knew the market was changing. LP’s were becoming more important. We really had to fight to get the go ahead to record the LP. Fortunately, our single, “Baby You Come Rollin’ Across My Mind” broke. With a hit record under our belts we got the green light.

We came from musically eclectic backgrounds, and the album shows this. Because we were so young, I think we were more open to being experimental.

Three months after the album’s release, we walked away from our contract, changed our name to Bones, and altered our musical course, rocking a little harder. In 1972 and 73 Bones released two LPs, and had a chart single. After the group broke up, Jimmy and I reinvented ourselves once again to join forces with brothers Tommy, and Davey and from the blue-eyed soul band, the Faragher Brothers, which released four albums.

Speaking for myself, I could not listen to the Peppermint Trolley album for thirty-five years. It wasn’t until people began to contact me a few years ago, and tell me how much it meant to them that I let myself sit down and listen. I was surprised by how well it held up. A bit naive in places? Yea, but, hey, we were still in our late teens. I think above all that it is honest. It’s also unafraid of being vulnerable.
I can now say I am proud of the record.

To read more about the Peppermint Trolley Company, visit the website http://www.dannyfaragher.com/bio/the-peppermint-trolley-company/




Danny on Purple Haze Radio

October 23, 2012 in Events

Purple Haze

In a recent broadcast of 88.3 Southern FM radio show, Purple Haze, radio host and DJ, Nick Black, devoted the entire show to the music of Danny Faragher, Jimmy Faragher and the Peppermint Trolley Company. The show also features an interview with Danny.

Danny discusses the the story behind the music. He explains how the band was formed and even where they get their far out moniker comes from. If your a fan of Danny, the Peppermint Trolley Company or are just fascinated with the music of the 60s, you’ll dig it.

Purple Haze – January 27th, 2010


Special Thanks to Nick Black.

Peppermint Trolly Company Reissue

October 10, 2012 in Events, Happenings

The New Peppermint Trolley Company Reissue “Beautiful Sun” is available now.


The Peppermint Trolley Company’s self-titled masterpeice has been reissued with 15 bonus tracks and extensive liner notes, out now on Now Sounds / Cherry Red Records.


Beautiful SunThe Peppermint Trolley Co.

The Peppermint Trolley Company - Beautiful Sun
Due to high demand, the CD has entered a second pressing. Copies are moving fast. Get your copy today!

peppermint trolley company on itunes

Beautiful Sun is now availableon iTunes.

Live on Luxuria Radio

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Live on LuxuriaMusic.com

Danny appeared Live on LuxuriaRadio.com program “The Now Sound” Monday, January 31st. The program began at 6-8pm PST, and Danny was featured in the second half of the show for a full hour.

DJ and host Steve Stanley took us on a musical journey through the classic and contemporary sounds of Danny’s music along with an in-depth interview.

The Now Sound @ LuxuriaRadio.com – January 31st, 2011
, 6-8pm PST .