‘A Blue Little Corner’ is Back on the Shelves

March 23, 2016 in Events, Happenings

Good news!
Danny Faragher’s  first solo release, A Blue Little Corner,  which had sold out of hard copies, has been restocked and is now back on the shelves. The album, originally released in 2001, is a collection of originals, old chestnuts, and  a few jumpin’ rockers. A Blue Little Corner spotlights the artist’s expressive vocals and inventive harmonica playing, weaving stylistically through blues, ballads, and rhythm songs. The instrumental backing is spare but superb, and features Bill Knopf on guitar and banjo, Tim Horrigan on keyboards , electric and acoustic guitar, bass, and drums, and Simean Pillich on acoustic bass.
blue corner fnt
CDs and downloads can be purchased through CD Baby. Tracks downloaded through iTunes, Amazon,  Google (where you can also listen to samples),  and all other major retail sites. The album is also available on streaming sites like Spotify and Rhapsody.


Danny Faragher on the making of A Blue Little Corner.

I had written  the song ‘A Blue Little Corner’ some years ago. This jazzy blues was originally conceived as a vehicle for a female singer, but having changed a few words here and there,  I decided to take crack at recording it myself.  I was pleased with the result. Musically it conjures up a cool, noire-esque,  1950s atmosphere where a Don Draper would fit right in. The voice and chromatic harmonica trade off, painting a picture of a disillusioned soul getting lost in some smoky dive.

With ‘A Blue Little Corner’ as the cornerstone, I set out to put an album of material together. I recorded another original, ‘Danny Boy’s Jumpin”, an up tempo harmonica number that’s an antidote to those blue feelings expressed in the title cut. Bursting out of the gate with energy and exuberance, it’s guaranteed to get you up and moving. In addition, I had three tracks that I’d laid down a few years earlier. The first, ‘Get Rhythm’, is the Johnny Cash song, with a hopped up vocal and slashing amplified blues harp. The second, ‘Blues in the Night’, by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer,  features a full throat-ed bluesy vocal, and amped chromatic harmonica over a shuffling track. The third was a rendition of the iconic Elvis cut, ‘That’s Alright, Mama’ written by Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Craddup, which I extended by adding a country blues harp solo on the end.

Five tracks were now in the in the can. In the late nineties, I’d begun looking back on the twentieth century’s musical legacy, listening to older styles, including ragtime, early jazz, swing, and bebop, and to the tunes that have come to be labeled ‘The Great American Songbook’.  As a musician, I was bowled over by the emotional directness and intensity of artists like Louis Armstrong, Sydney Bechet, and Benny Goodman, and  found myself incorporating the feel into my harmonica playing. As a singer, the time spent listening to traditional pop vocalists like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Rosemary Clooney had taught me a lot about how to deliver  a song.

I picked four classic tunes that I loved dearly. I decided to have a very bare bones approach. Chromatic harmonica intros and solos (usually cupped with a mic and amplified) alternating with smooth vocals – both being backed by acoustic guitar or banjo, acoustic bass, a smattering of drums. and a bit of vibes. ‘Stompin’ at the Savoy’, the swing anthem written by Edgar Sampson, I recorded as an instrumental. ‘On the Sunny Side of the Street’, by Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields, always one of my favorite songs, spotlights a straight-ahead vocal  filled with heartfelt longing, and an Armstrong/Bix Beiderbecke inspired solo on the harp. My plunger trombone adds a taste of the Ellington Band to the mix. ‘Memories of You’, the Eubie Blake, and Andy Razaf ballad takes a different tack, featuring the harmonica at the beginning and end of the song, and the voice sandwiched in the middle. The fourth number is ‘Lady Be Good’, the George and Ira Gershwin classic. Pure fun from beginning to end, it highlights the amazing five string banjo work of Bill Knopf , including a bluegrass flavored solo that passes the baton to a jumpin’ jivin’ harp solo. I chose to toss off the vocal nonchalantly with a dose of boyish charm and it seemed to work.

In 2000, I was able to give a copy of the album to my mother in the final weeks before she passed. I was told that she would request to hear ‘Sunny Side of the Street’ over and over again, and join in singing, saying it made her feel happy.  For me, the knowledge that the music brought my mom joy in her last days is the greatest compensation I could ever receive.

blue corner back-001

Photography and artwork by Bryan Faragher

Love and Harmony,






Concert a Sellout!

July 24, 2015 in Events, Happenings

The July 18th concert at the West Valley Music Center was a blast!  A great vibe in the room, and a sellout crowd in spite of the freaky rainstorm (In July?!). 7-18-Danny blowin harp at W. ValleyFYI – The two previous days of rain this year were on May 15th, my birthday, and on March 1st, the day of my Record Release Party (Perhaps I should schedule more events?)

With the backing of some great musicians – Tim Horrigan on bass, my son, Bryan, on percussion and melodica, Chris Blondal, drums, and Craig Copeland,  guitar,  the show included numbers from the ‘Dancing with the Moment ‘ and  ‘A Blue Little Corner’ albums, plus some new material, and even a tune from the Peppermint Trolley Company LP. We had fun, fun, fun!

I shared the bill with singer/songwriter, Raspin Stuart. He was a gas to work with!

Many thanks to Jeff Gold and the West Valley Music Center.

Looking forward to the next live engagement.






I shared bill with Raspin Stuwart. It was a good match.

I shared bill with Raspin Stuwart. It was a good match.

7-18-15 Devil Wind Blues

Wailing ‘The Devil Wind Blues’

Danny Faragher in Concert for Music on a Warm Summer Night

June 26, 2015 in Events, Happenings



Danny Faragher, on his promotional tour of his latest Dancing with the Moment album (recently released on iTunes), will be performing at a one night Special Engagement with the Acoustic Music Series on July 18th at 8pm.

TMP-Shoot---Canyon-Hike-PR-065aDanny Faragher will be playing and singing songs from his albums, Dancing with the Moment, and Blue Little Corner, as well as other tunes from his storied career, and will be accompanied by a full band consisting of Tim Horrigan, Craig Copeland, Chris Blondal and Bryan Faragher. Together they will span the musical range from Jazz to Blues to Funk to West Coast Psychedelic.

Sharing the bill is Raspin Stuwart, performing Blues, Jazz, Acoustic Soul and Adult Contemporary.

The show will take place at the West Valley Music Center, 24424 Vanowen Street, West Hills, CA 91307. Tickets are available for $15 by reservation only. Call 818-992-4142.

Reservations can be made on line here: http://www.westvalleymusiccenter.com/acoustic-music-series.html








The ‘Dancing with the Moment’ Release Party Big Success. Thank-you!

March 9, 2015 in Events, Happenings



Blowin’ Up a Storm at Record Release Party. Photo by Taylor Series

Thanks to everyone who braved the rare L.A. rain to come and be a part of the ‘Dancing with the Moment’ Record Release celebration! We had us a party!  Yes, the house was rockin’, and there was delicious food, fine wine, and good vibes galore.  I was truly touched to see such a gathering of friends, family, and colleagues. Connecting once again with familiar faces and meeting new people was a treat , indeed.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank-you one and all! For me the album is a creative milestone. It is the culmination of years of intense focus and hard work.  My son, and creative partner, Bryan Faragher, and I had spent many a night burning the midnight oil, and it was a project that at times appeared to be never ending.  Knowing that we were able to cross that finish line filled me a with a deep sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. The occasion called for a soiree and a soiree we had.

Let me give a shout of appreciation to the party guests: Bryan Faragher, Jimmy Faragher, Tommy Faragher, Rosie Bliss, Davey Faragher, Pammy Faragher, Marty M. Faragher, Anita Faragher, Tibo Cuellar,  Jeanne Harriott, Connie Catalan, Emily, Deena McClain, Nick Lane, Dave Armstrong, Alec Echevarria, Shervin Ahdout, Jordan Faragher, Tim Horrigan, Anne Horrigan, Emily Horrigan, Chris Blondal, Craig Copeland, Randy Crenshaw, Denia Bradshaw, Probyn Gregory, Steve Hauser, Michelle Hauser, Michael McClure, Jody Mortara, Ted, Bill New, Phil Elmore, Donna Duessen, Harry McNeil, Kristine Chinn, Chuck Nickerson, Babbet t Goss, Brent, Bryan Davis, Mellie, Adam, Dierdra, Willard Lewis Snow, Irene, Josh Buehler, Lauren Wong, Rick, Linda Hubbard, Annie, Lindsey.

Bryan aptly stepped into the DJ role, playing original music as he projected a visual slide show, and handled the MC duties with aplomb. His sincere introduction touched my heart.

Tibo Cuellar, who was first to air tracks off ‘Dancing with the Moment’ on his ‘Cold Cuts’ show on radio  KCSB made the trek all the way down from Santa Barbara to make his warm and personable presence felt.  Always great to see him!

Some very talented singers and musicians joined me on stage to perform, including siblings: Jimmy – guitar and vocals, Pammy – vocals, Tommy – piano, Davey – bass and vocals, and Marty – percussion,  my son, Bryan – percussion, and friends: Tim Horrigan – bass, Chris Blondal – drums, Denia Bradshaw – flute, Randy Crenshaw – spoken word, and Craig Copeland  – guitar, (Randy and Craig, along with Bill New, who was in the audience, are members of my doo wop singing group, Daddy Cool). We debuted our energetic new video of  the hard groovin’  ‘Too Much Pressure’ , and it received an enthusiastic response from the crowd.  The video was directed by Bryan,  and filmed by Shervin Ahdout, with assistance from Alec Echevaria.

We also premiered  the exciting dance mix of the same song, and the infectious and driving rhythm brought people to the dance floor. Copies of ‘too much pressure – rebel sole pressurized underground mix’  were free to all party guests.

The party couldn’t have  happened without the help of the following people: Anita Faragher, who got the word out; my wife Jeanne, who tirelessly shopped, and personally sewed the table covers from scratch; my daughter Deena, who planned and spent all day Saturday preparing the food platters (a feast for the eyes as well as the palette); Connie Catalan who helped to organize and lend a hand where needed, and, I might add, first came up with the suggestion of throwing a release party; Nick Lane, who helped to serve the food; Alexander, who tended the bar, Alec Echevarria, our roaming photographer, and Shervin Ahdout, who assisted Bryan with the visuals. Thank-you;  Dave Armstrong for videoing the performance, and Taylor Series, and  Michael McClure for photos.  If anyone else  has photos or video, please let us know. We would love to share it.

Love and Harmony,

'Dancing with the moment, and the moment sets me free.'

‘Dancing with the moment, and the moment sets me free.’