Danny Faragher

Danny Faragher playing the Hammond B3 Organ

Danny Faragher singing and playing the B3 organ at an outdoor concert, 1971

A Man Devoted to Music

Musician Danny Faragher is a man devoted to sound. A recording artist with over 7 albums under his belt, Danny toured at the height of the tumultuous 60’s, pioneered the use of the clavinet, witnessed the zenith of classic rock and played with some of the greatest names in musical history including Ringo Starr and Peter Criss.

The odds are that you have already heard or seen Danny Faragher before. It may be from his series of Billboard 100 singles with the Peppermint Trolley Company, Bones and the Faragher Brothers. Or it might it be from guest appearances on TV shows such as the Beverly Hillbillies & Mannix. Perhaps it’s the Brady Bunch theme song or the recent CD reissues. It may also be from his band’s residency at the popular Gazzarri’s during the Sunset Strip’s heyday.


cry, dark cloud

cry, dark cloud let your tears rain down upon me weep, dark sky unfold your shroud to cover my sorrow sigh, deep, rhythmic sea exhale your misty breath against my being to wash my soul and comfort me



sanity the shattered glass reflects a thousand images where lies reality? the ordered world breaks down into a random spray of neurons matter over mind free radical chaos sanity is a dangling rope reach out, grab it and hold on for dear life


‘Too Much Pressure’ airing on Zmix97

  Beginning 09/07/15 ‘TOO MUCH PRESSURE’ Will be airing at 6.00 AM, 1.00 PM, 9.00 PM, & 1.00 AM – MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY FOR THE NEXT  NINE DAYS On ZMIX97           Radio DJ Thomas Ramirez of  Zmix97  has added  our record, ‘Too Much Pressure – the Rebel Sole Underground Remix’ to  the station’s playlist. It’s
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The Red and the Black – a poem dedicated to the memory of Alison Parker

the red and the black young vibrant soul in red skirt and black top if only we could push the pause button, freeze life’s frame, and keep horror at bay red was the color she wore… red for energy, passion, embracing the world black was the color she wore… black for the mysterious, the unknowable
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The comeback kid

hey, comeback kid! after all these years, your dreams and desires put off, sitting on the back burner, but simmering, ever simmering… how sweet is it now to clench a fist and whisper low in affirmation ‘I am back!’ ‘by God, I am back!’?


The Blank Page

  the blank page the white space, void of words would return my stare and seem to ask with fingers drumming, ‘Well?’ its opaque nothingness would leave me tongue-tied, twisting in fear, irrationally wishing for the words to suddenly appear, for the ink to magically flow yet… I would carry the blank page with me
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7-18-Danny blowin harp at W. Valley

Concert a Sellout!

The July 18th concert at the West Valley Music Center was a blast!  A great vibe in the room, and a sellout crowd in spite of the freaky rainstorm (In July?!). FYI – The two previous days of rain this year were on May 15th, my birthday, and on March 1st, the day of my Record
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bird in the fountain

Morning – a poem

morning the gray cloud cover hangs low as it meanders and rolls by like a sympathetic hand to stroke and sooth the waiting earth on the patio a bird flutters and splashes in the rippling fountain life is good


Danny Faragher in Concert for Music on a Warm Summer Night

  Danny Faragher, on his promotional tour of his latest Dancing with the Moment album (recently released on iTunes), will be performing at a one night Special Engagement with the Acoustic Music Series on July 18th at 8pm. Danny Faragher will be playing and singing songs from his albums, Dancing with the Moment, and Blue Little
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