Danny Faragher

Danny Faragher playing the Hammond B3 Organ

Danny Faragher singing and playing the B3 organ at an outdoor concert, 1971

A Man Devoted to Music

Musician Danny Faragher is a man devoted to sound. A recording artist with over 7 albums under his belt, Danny toured at the height of the tumultuous 60’s, pioneered the use of the clavinet, witnessed the zenith of classic rock and played with some of the greatest names in musical history including Ringo Starr and Peter Criss.

The odds are that you have already heard or seen Danny Faragher before. It may be from his series of Billboard 100 singles with the Peppermint Trolley Company, Bones and the Faragher Brothers. Or it might it be from guest appearances on TV shows such as the Beverly Hillbillies & Mannix. Perhaps it’s the Brady Bunch theme song or the recent CD reissues. It may also be from his band’s residency at the popular Gazzarri’s during the Sunset Strip’s heyday.

The Devil and the Koch Brothers

‘The Devil and the Koch Brothers’ – a poem by Danny Faragher with artwork by Michael Cano

The Devil and the Koch Brothers The Devil dined with the Brothers Koch. “Boys,” he said. “I like your style… “You pull those strings behind a cloak “And embrace the darkness with a smile.” The Brothers drank the wine and dreamed A dream of empires rich and vast. And with their dinner guest they schemed
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2006_12-26__Long Hard Climb 134

the dancer

the dancer out of breath and behind the beat, pushing hard to make my way, like a dancer looking at his feet I often stumble through the day. so unlike that ‘parallel me’ who completes each task with style and verve, and coolly knocks it out of the park when life throws him a wicked
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‘Open the Door’ song lyrics

‘Open the Door’ – From the ‘Dancing with the Moment’ album. verse 1 Hear the morning breeze that’s rattling the window Feel the waking sun peep through the blinds Lost in a daydream Thoughts so far away But aware of how the ‘here and the now’ Is slipping away verse 2 Smell each steaming drip
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Birthday Poem

Birthday Poem eyes open from a dream Sunday morning sleeping in. a  lawnmower is humming think I’ll stay put awhile let my thoughts swirl and meander where they will I can hear the drumming of tiny feet as squirrels chase across the roof today begins my sixty-ninth year (funny how the number still evokes an adolescent
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‘Pacific Blue’ song lyrics

Pacific Blue – From the Dancing with the Moment album verse 1 Splash in the water head to toe Make it fast, don’t make it slow It’s chilly and cool, now But that’s okay My little brother has no fear Watch him swim way beyond the pier Come back now.  What would Mamma say? (chorus) Pacific
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‘Sanity’ – a poem by Danny Faragher with artwork by Michael Cano

sanity the shattered glass reflects a thousand images where lies reality? the ordered world breaks down into a random spray of neurons matter over mind free radical chaos sanity is a dangling rope reach out, grab it and hold on for dear life

elusive muse

Sweet Persuasion – a poem by Danny Faragher, artwork by Michael Cano

Sweet Persuasion sometimes on a sleepless night the elusive muse appears before me and with seductive charm implores me in sweet persuasion I can’t fight she reaches out to extend the touch of fingertips beneath my chin and gently lifts my gaze to hers to command with whisper – ‘Write!’  


Invisibility – A poem by Danny Faragher with artwork by Michael Cano

Invisibility they call them the ‘wee’ hours, but when enveloped in their dark cover one breathes the severed solitude of  the ‘I’ the bed creaks under my rustle and turn a dog barks in the neighborhood, sharp spears of sound  pierce the night. do keen ears detect an intruder? perhaps he fears invisibility, dreads disappearing
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blue corner fnt

‘A Blue Little Corner’ is Back on the Shelves

Good news! Danny Faragher’s  first solo release, A Blue Little Corner,  which had sold out of hard copies, has been restocked and is now back on the shelves. The album, originally released in 2001, is a collection of originals, old chestnuts, and  a few jumpin’ rockers. A Blue Little Corner spotlights the artist’s expressive vocals
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