Danny Faragher

Danny Faragher playing the Hammond B3 Organ

Danny Faragher singing and playing the B3 organ at an outdoor concert, 1971

A Man Devoted to Music

Musician Danny Faragher is a man devoted to sound. A recording artist with over 7 albums under his belt, Danny toured at the height of the tumultuous 60’s, pioneered the use of the clavinet, witnessed the zenith of classic rock and played with some of the greatest names in musical history including Ringo Starr and Peter Criss.

The odds are that you have already heard or seen Danny Faragher before. It may be from his series of Billboard 100 singles with the Peppermint Trolley Company, Bones and the Faragher Brothers. Or it might it be from guest appearances on TV shows such as the Beverly Hillbillies & Mannix. Perhaps it’s the Brady Bunch theme song or the recent CD reissues. It may also be from his band’s residency at the popular Gazzarri’s during the Sunset Strip’s heyday.

Inside CD Tray Card for Dancing with the Moment - Danny Faragher

‘Dancing with the Moment’ gets Glowing Review in SomethingElse Magazine

Rock critic, Beverly Paterson has written a rave review of ‘Dancing with the Moment’ for SomethingElse Magazine. She writes: Buckled tight with enterprising ideas and arrangements, Dancing With The Moment witnesses to be a pitch-perfect potpourri of rhythm, tone and sound. Danny Faragher, assisted by an assortment of family and friends, has created an album
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Front Album Cover of Dancing with the Moment - Danny Faragher

‘Dancing with the Moment’ gets Rave Review in Blitz Magazine

‘Dancing with the Moment’ has received a glowing review from Michael McDowell  in  Blitz – ‘the rock and roll magazine for thinking people’. He writes: In Dancing With The Moment, Faragher has proven himself to be a detail oriented disciple of his inspirations, and in turn has celebrated genre diversity in a manner that relatively fe
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Manassas Battlefield – a poem

Manassas Battlefield a forest, turning red and gold, keeps solemn watch in the chill October air the last vestiges of daylight begin their retreat from the rolling field below high above, the agitated sky swirls and tumbles in a boiling mix of blue and gray a  row of cannons, perched on the high ground, is
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Elvis, a poem in honor of his birthday

Elvis lips in a snarl, hips a-swiveling, Elvis leaped from the black and white box and into the nation’s living room, bopping and shimmying like a Mississippi catfish and in his unassuming backwoods way this poor boy ripped to shreds that buttoned down, zipped up facade that posed as the American dream to the stick up the ass-
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Grief connection cut but connection still felt her presence is all around – the strands of hair in an idle brush, a smiling snapshot on the dresser top, a note found stashed in a coat pocket he roams from room to room reaching out in vain, trying to penetrate the empty space she left behind
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Danny New Year Shot 189

A Happy 2016 Wish to All from Danny

    the new year twisting through the turn-around to soar into a brand new chorus ‘ah, take it again , boys!’ another twelve bars await invention the groove beckons the ivory keys entice inviting all to jam with the harmony of the spheres   Photos by Charlotte McClain


P.F.Sloan, Lollipop Train, and the Peppermint Trolley Company

I was saddened to hear of the recent passing of P.F. Sloan. This was one talented guy – singer/songwriter/ guitarist/ producer. He never achieved the public acclaim that he so richly deserved,but he is deeply respected today by musicians and musicologists. Although I never met the man, I am proud to have had a small
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cry, dark cloud

cry, dark cloud let your tears rain down upon me weep, dark sky unfold your shroud to cover my sorrow sigh, deep, rhythmic sea exhale your misty breath against my being to wash my soul and comfort me



sanity the shattered glass reflects a thousand images where lies reality? the ordered world breaks down into a random spray of neurons matter over mind free radical chaos sanity is a dangling rope reach out, grab it and hold on for dear life